Onecut crown molding tool

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The revolutionary crown molding tool.

Cutting crown molding without losing your
mind has never been easier.

Easy to learn and use.

Onecut shows how to set up your cut right away, so you get it right
the first time and save yourself the frustration of wasting material.
No more trial and error, but perfect results each time without wasted and failed efforts.



You can keep Onecut up against the saw for a precise cut. No more calculations,
no complicated settings of the saw.
It can be used on both sides of the saw blade and even works for ripcuts.

Versatile use.

Onecut allows for easy measurements of corner angles – both concave, convex
and angles that differ from 90°.
It will help you take on crown molding installations, base molding,
all kinds of frames and many other woodwork projects.



Swedish design. Patented solution.

After numerous design iterations and prototypes we finally have a fully functional,

world patented, solution, ready to assist you in your upcoming project.

How do I get one? you might ask.

Easy, click ‘Shop’ in the menu above and order one now!